The specific process varies depending on the trade term (FOB/CIF) chosen by importer. The following charts show the major steps of import.

FOB Process

CIF Process

How to ensure your financial security?



There are 3 optional settlement methods for financial security.


1. Down payment security. L/G (Letter of Guarantee) will provide security for advance payment if exporter doesn’t fulfil its obligations.

2. Balance payment security. D/P (Documents against Payment) is an effective way out of the dilemma of delivery first or payment first.

3. L/C (Letter of Credit) is another way to protect both importers and exporters by the foreign buyer’s bank to pay once the exporter ships the goods and presents the required documentation to the exporter’s bank as proof.


1. The entire import process may vary depending on the delivery location, transportation method and trade term.

2. Vehicles may need certification according to local regulations. We can provide local vehicle certification in specific countries if you need further assistance.

Contact us if you have any questions
Contact us if you have any questions
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Affiliated Import services

  • Import custom clearance

    We are cooperating with agencies worldwide to provide our customers with local import custom clearance services. Please contact us if you need the services.

  • International logistics

    We will provide overseas shipment if you choose CIF/CIP trade term. Furthermore, if you just choose FOB/FAS trade term, we can also provide logistics support such as shipping arrangement or insurance quotation if you want.


  • Vehicle certification

    We are working with vendors worldwide to provide local vehicle certification in specific countries. Please contact us freely if you need the services.

  • Business consultation

    We provide our customers with business consulting on up to date competitive vehicle model in China and possible profit on import with free of charge.


Import Process

Financial Security